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The discovery and spread of the Omicron virus on 26 November has once again tightened people's relaxed nerves. The epidemic has entered a new phase. In order to protect the safety of their people, leaders of various countries have announced the closure of their countries and banned foreign travelers from entering, and the Chinese government, as usual, implementing a zero-clearance policy. These policies mean that the transportation of goods will remain very tight in the coming year. With reference to 2021, shipping prices have skyrocketed, giving local manufacturing a great opportunity to grow. Many manufacturers who have purchased equipment in 2020 or before and put it into production are seeing a spike in orders in 2021, achieving deficit growth under the tough economy. Local manufacturing can reduce many problems, such as shipping costs, duties, exchange rates and lead times, resulting in controlled costs and increased profits.

Linbay Machinery is committed to producing roll forming machines that meet the needs of our customers in terms of quality, profile drawing, production speed and after-sales service. Especially under the current severe test of engineers not being able to go abroad, it is crucial to select an excellent equipment supplier. Linbay Machinery ensures that each customer receives a detailed instruction manual and video and online guidance to simplify the installation and operation of the machine, helping the customer to be in production within 1-2 weeks. If you are interested, please contact us.

As Christmas is approaching, we hope you will protect yourselves, stay healthy and have a happy family. Happy New Year to everyone in advance!

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